50/50 Art Draw 2019

May 4, 7 pm at ARTSPACE
Party Tickets $25 / Art Draw Tickets $100

Don’t miss Artspace’s party of the year and your chance to walk away with some great art. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019, and includes the 50/50 Art Draw, the Fire Sale, a Silent Auction, great food, and a ton of amazing door prizes!

Ticket sales will begin in March 2019.
Party Tickets: $25
Art Draw Tickets: $100

As always the main event of the evening is our annual Art Draw!

New to the 50/50? Here's how the art draw works, the MC's will draw a ticket at random and call out a number and the ticket holder with that number will choose a piece of art off the wall. This will go on until all numbers have been called. Everyone with a draw ticket goes home with a piece of art!

Profits from all art sales are shared between our participating artists and Artspace.
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