The 4th Annual Artspace Book & Zine Fest

Feb 23, 10 am - 5 pm at Peterborough Public Library

The 4th Annual Artspace Book + Zine Fest will take place in the Community Room at the Peterborough Public Library on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 from 10 am - 5 pm. The event will feature artist-made zines, comics and graphic novels, letterpress prints and cards, the work of small presses, woodcuts, screen prints, handmade books and other types of book and paper arts.

This event is free to attend and all are welcome.


Book + Zine Fest Participants:

Alana Batten

Alana Batten is a young emerging artist and photographer based in Peterborough, Ontario. In May 2018, she obtained a certificate in Photo Arts from the Halliburton School of Art and Design, and hopes to attend Concordia’s Art History & Studio Art program in September 2019. Currently, she is working on building her portfolio and exploring new subjects, ideas, and art forms.

Angela Hennessey

Angela came to Canada from Germany in 1955, began painting in 2001 and continues to study with experienced artists in various media, earning numerous awards at juried shows. She is an Elected Member of The Society of Canadian Artists, and belongs to many arts organizations including: The Station Gallery, Whitby, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville, Ajax Creative Arts and The Oshawa Arts Association. At present, her main focus is investigating and experimenting with methods of printmaking: etching, lino/wood-cut relief printing, open screen mono-printing, impasto water-colour printing, lithography and collagraph printmaking. She believes the process is as important as the end product.

bird, buried press

bird, buried press publishes writers and artists from or living in Ontario. Publications are assembled by hand, and often include one-of-a-kind features. Based in Peterborough.

Call Out Comics / Julia Mroczek

Call Out Comics is a free, black and white newspaper featuring fierce work that challenges and attempts to hold the powerful to account. Julia Mroczek is a poet, textile and industrial designer.

Cagliostro & Summers

Katelynne Cagliostro is an artist/illustrator currently residing in Guelph, Ontario originally from Hastings, Ontario. Cagliostro recently received her BFA in Art and Art History through the University of Toronto specializing in drawing and painting. Her work, often autobiographical discusses things such as female empowerment, body positivity and self care; creating intricate relationships between hand drawn images and text. Her recent zine titled //take care discusses self care through charming houseplants.

Emma Summers is an artist/illustrator currently residing in Whitby, Ontario with her partner and two cats. With an education in Textile Design, Summers' special interest lays in graphic design, screen-printing, as well as garment and costume design. She is very passionate about comics and graphic novels; and has been a lifelong fan of them as a means of storytelling. Summers is currently experimenting with projects relating to self identity and growth.

ChiZine Publications

ChiZine Publications is an award-winning small press in Peterborough, specializing in literary science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism and surrealism. CZP publishes fiction, young adult fiction, graphic novels, and poetry, and is expanding into middle-grade fiction and non-fiction in the next two years.


A novel-length choose-your-own-adventure style work of prose fiction, which takes place in Downtown Peterborough, YOU ARE A DOWNTOWN AMBASSADOR was written by three Peterburghers over the fall/winter of 2017/2018. It was debuted at a live reading this past April, to a packed house at The Garnet, and is now being Kickstarted to fund a print run. Our hope for the book and zine fest is to sell copies of the book to those not already "in the know" - it's really something everyone from Peterborough can enjoy.

Debbie Waker Handmade Paper

Debbie makes Eco-friendly paper; paper made from recycled paper and whatever grows outside such as leeks, corn, onion, beets, and hosta. With this paper, Debbie makes various types of book and cards.

Elkwood House

Dragon Girl tells the adventures of Sophia and her quest to avenge her father’s death at the hands of a dragon. Written by Christos Aslanidis and illustrated by Andria Keen, this is a story about female empowerment, and explores the themes of mercy, justice and love. It is recommended for children 6 and older.

The Tamil Dream, a novel by Koom Kankesan, explores the immigrant experience in Toronto from the perspectives of two Tamil Canadians; Daniel, a high school teacher, and Niranjan, his refugee student. Both struggle to escape their past during the turmoil of the Sri Lankan civil war.

ESC Zine

ESC Zine publishes experimental literature and visual art in print. In 2011, a group of emerging artists and writers came together in Dublin, Ireland with the idea of creating a platform for art and literary works that were underrepresented. Since then, ESC Zine has become an international zine making project taking on many creative forms such as zines, audiobooks, art exhibitions and mail art.

Feral Matter

Feral Matter is the project of non-binary artist Leah Hawkins, producing low-impact, wearable screen prints thematically consistent with their relationship with mental health and the arduous journey of nonlinear healing. Using local flora and fauna as references, they create adornments with an emphasis on aesthetic and emotional balance through palpably meditative line work.

The Foragers Club

Kimberly Edgar is an illustrator, visual artist, and designer who currently is working within the medium of comics.

Jackson Creek Press

Jeffrey is a Peterborough, Ontario based artist, working primarily with relief printing (letterpress) and mixed media. He often employs words as visual triggers, as well as present-day/historical pop-culture icons and figures in both his print work and his mixed media pieces.

Jo Yetter

Jo Yetter is an artist focusing on space, interpersonal relationships, identity and growth through printmaking, book arts and installation. Jo graduated from the printmaking program at OCAD U as the winner of the Printmaking Medal 2016. Recently completing a fellowship at The Living Art Centre Jo honed their woodworking skills alongside producing new artist books.

William Joel Davenport & Pat Larkin

Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor is a queer settler living and resisting in Peterborough, Ontario. As a poet and artist, his work focusses on queerness and sexuality, chronic disease, his complicated relationship with our electric city, and his generally chaotic existence. Nick Taylor is very amateur in his zine-making, but hopes the poems on the pages will compensate for his inexperience. He is currently in his third year of International Development and Philosophy degree at Trent University which means he is probably having an existential crisis about everything that is wrong with the world. He is also a staff writer at Arthur newspaper where he puts his loud mouth to good use, yelling at powerful people (through print). He's also a quintuple leo. Be warned.

Nicole Brunel

Nicole Brunel is a multi-disciplinary artist working in illustration, sculpture, and video. Nicole’s artwork explores how humour and fantasy can be used for social justice. Their comics are set in fantastical, non-binary worlds. Before practicing art, Nicole worked as an archaeologist and a musician, and was born with 4 kidneys.

Mirror World Publishing

Mirror World Publishing is a small independent publishing house based in Windsor, Ontario. We publish quality paperbacks and ebooks of escapism fiction that feature other worlds, times and versions of reality. Our novels are for all ages and are creative, unique, imaginative and engaging.

The Monthly Zigns

The Monthly Zigns is a collaborative zine based in Toronto, Ontario. The creators are Mikayla Barney and Karen Ly. Both are emerging artists currently working in Toronto. They both graduated from the Fine Arts program at the University of Waterloo and decided to collaborate in a performative and humorous way! The zine is produced monthly and includes articles, comics, horoscopes, gags, jokes, and performative site-specific projects.

Moon Toboggan

The illustrative comic works of Michael McGlennon, exploring narrative through drawing, printmaking, and self publishing. Building fantastical worlds inhabited by curiosities found in the parallels of waking life, the work resides somewhere between fine art and novelty. Themes revolve around an ongoing philosophical crisis and humorous pessimism while being generally absurd.

O Underworld!

Bennett is a musician and letterpress printer. He performs regularly in various groups, most notably: Horseman, Pass By., The Craig Pedersen Quartet, and solo as Cold Eye.

He has been printing for a few years, making books, show posters and broadsides.

Publication Studio Guelph

Publication Studio prints and binds books by hand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. It serves as a space for publication in its fullest sense: it doesn't simply produce books, but also brings people together through the shared experience of reading. Every book is made one at a time as needed. We attend to the social life of a book using any means possible to expand its circle of readers: physical books, eBooks, and wild social events. This breathes life into the written word on paper, online, and through discussion.

Puddles of Sky Press

Puddles of Sky Press is a chapbook press that produces fine, handmade chapbooks. We publish primarily contemporary poetry, visual/concrete poetry, comics and short prose. Recent publishing endeavors include hand-printed, rubber-stamped chapbooks of poetry. 


Rob Niezen

Rob Niezen is a painter and printmaker. In printmaking, he experiments, mostly with linocuts, including reduction prints. Current work includes his 'Heads & Tales' series that combines linoprint, blind emboss, collage (stamps), and copy. This series reflects on perceived national identities, traits and values using the ‘Heads’ on national postage stamps. Put in an imaginary context, Niezen lets them tell their ‘Tales’ as humans, with their prejudices and flaws. They are like us. Feeling bound and constrained by strings that pull in undesired directions

He is also working on a series of book illustrations of Ontario folk songs, forthcoming in 2019

Robb Mirsky

Robb Mirsky is a freelance illustrator and comic maker. He has been self-publishing his comics for over 15 years. He spends his time between making comics with his collective Read More Comix!, print and shirt making with his wife as My Moving Parts, and taking care of his two kids as a stay at home dad.

Rhonda Uppington

I am a ceramic artist and printmaker whose work is inspired by the natural world. I enjoy carving linoblocks and creating collagraph plates from found materials, especially pressed plants. My work tends to be small and detailed, and may include chine collé, collage, or the addition of stitch or other objects. Once I've finished using my linocut blocks and collagraph plates to print on paper, I use them to impress the clay surface. I take pleasure in making original art cards and small prints on both paper and clay.

Stephen Ibbott

Stephen is first and foremost a painter having exhibited across North America and beyond since the late 1990s. More recently, he has become super interested in graphic novels and has focussed his efforts on writing and drawing the GNEWC comic book series. He lives in Toronto with his beautiful family.

Storehouse Ltd.

Storehouse Ltd. is a small-press founded in 2010. Our editions of 12 are hand cut, bound and screenprinted. Using paper that would otherwise be recycled, our pocket-size journal/ zines are half blank, half printed to inspire you wherever you go!

Shiny Pliers

Matthew Daley is an illustrator and comic artist combining hand-created textures, stamps and found objects into vector illustrations to create a rugged, painterly look. As half of the duo PlierPants, with writer Cory McCallum, Matthew has self-published comics since 2012 including the neo-noir tale The Pig Sleep: A Mr. Monitor Case, which won the Gene Day Award for the best self-published comic at the Joe Shuster Awards in 2013. Matthew lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife Lindsay and cat Mistress Muffin.

Talbert Johnson

Talbert Johnson is a queer, perpetually-caffeinated cartoonist and critter, raised in Peterborough and now living in Toronto. Talbert's comic work ranges from overviews of strange historical events to short fiction and gag strips, all with irreverent humour and/or cute creatures.

Wyrdsmyth Press

Wyrdsmyth Press produces hand printed linocut broadsides of original poetry. We take pride in the hand-made quality of our pieces and have incorporated the quirks that come with hand producing prints into the aesthetic of our works. Our works are based on a passionate belief that art and poetry aren’t something people should be afraid to engage with, and we hope to create works that people want to pick up and interact with.