[in]SITES Woven Wires Performance

Vanessa Dion Fletcher and Pearl Marie Salas

Sep 23 - Sep 23, 2017

DATE: September 23, 2017
TIME: 8PM, 8:45PM, 9:15PM

In Woven Wires Vanessa Dion Fletcher and Pearl Marie Salas use video, projection and performative actions to respond to the statement: “Media is changing our past, presents, and future selves. How in this world of electronic communication do oral traditions and personal narration navigate and drive our lives and consciousness?”

In 2014 Salas and Dion Fletcher composed a Manifesto (The Syndicate of Indigenous New Media, Performance, and Craft Artists Shikaakwa 2014) modeled after the Mexican Muralists Manifesto of 1922. This writing is installed through the gallery space for the audience to read before/after the performance. The writing positions the performances in a history of Indigenous revolution and assertion of sovereignty through art. As Indigenous women, Woven Wires comes from a perspective that asserts our feminist indigenous presence and rejects heteronormative assumptions about our bodies, sexuality, community and art.

Vanessa Dion Fletcher and Pearl Marie Salas are indigenous women from very different parts of Turtle Island. Pearl - Mexican, Yaqui, and Navajo ancestry, much of her work plays off this unique cultural mix to interrogate how the modern world relates to notions of past, present, and future. Vanessa of Potawatomi Lenape and European ancestry employs porcupine quills, Wampum belts, and menstrual blood to reveal the complexities of what defines a body physically and culturally. They met at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago where their Indigenous feminism and aptitude for experimenting with technology and traditional materials brought them together.

[in]SITES is a new site-specific performance series presented by Public Energy, Artspace, the Art Gallery of Peterborough and ReFrame Film Festival in Peterborough, Ontario. The goal of [in]Sites is to open up dialogues around the relationship between performance, site, and contemporary art practices. For more information about [in]SITES please visit: http://www.publicenergy.ca/season-list-3/2017-07-10-18-42-16