Artspace Book + Zine Fest 2017

Feb 25, 10 am - 5 pm at ARTSPACE

Artspace is thrilled to announce that the 2nd Annual Artspace Book + Zine Fest will be taking place on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 from 10am - 5pm. The event will be held at Artspace, located at 378 Aylmer Street North in Peterborough, and will feature original works by exciting vendors from across the province.

The event will feature artist-made zines, comics and graphic novels, letterpress prints and cards, the work of small presses, woodcuts, screen prints, handmade books and other types of book and paper arts. All proceeds of sales will go to the artists. Entrance to the event is free to the public.



Alice Fenn & Georgia May
Alicia and Georgia are young artists who are designing a zine together.

Avery Morris
I am a TAS Integrated Arts Student with a background in fine arts. My fields of work include oil painting, embroidery, watercolour, and photography. As a member of the DROOL art collective I've participated in group shows such as the DROOL Gallery in 2016 at the Theatre on King, and the Multimedia Art Gallery at Artspace this December. I participated in the first Book & Zine Fest, and sold prints, zine, and stickers. I would like to do something similar this year with new art and content.

Bennett Bedoukian
Bennett runs a small letterpress operation out of Havelock, printing small books and broadsides.

bird, buried press
bird, buried press, run by Elisha Rubacha and Justin Million, publishes chapbooks, broadsides, small book objects, and paper ephemera featuring Canadian writers and artists.

Brittany Sostar & Laura Brandreth
Brittany: I am an emerging Hamilton artist who makes drawings, photographic series, collages, zines, and performance pieces. These works aim to explore identity, relationships, and perceptions. Laura: I am an emerging Hamilton artist who makes drawings, prints, casted sculptures, and collages. I'd like to think of myself as a sculptural illustrator and as an illustrating sculptor, but mainly I just want to make you smirk.

Carmina Mari Miana
There are more a’s in my name than in the report cards I brought home to my disappointed Asian parents. (wompwomp) Failure and embarrassment have been aspects of my life that I have been central to my work. Zines are an intersection in which I utilize image, narrative and humour to share my life experiences. I am currently working on the third edition of a quarterly zine series called “Not …” with accompanying buttons and stickers. On my off days I am struggling through my last year of OCADU illustration.

Cher Edwards
Unique handmade journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks.

Christine Dela Cruz
I'm an illustrator currently living in Toronto. I graduated Independent Illustration in Seneca College. I express my creativity through drawing, painting, and doodling stuffs. I enjoy working with both digital and traditional media. I also enjoy sketching places, things and foods.

Debbie Waker
I have been making paper for about the last 20 years. I am mainly self taught and am always happy to learn more. I make Eco-friendly paper from recycled paper and local plants and vegetable. I use leeks, onions, beets and hosts and am always interested to try other things.

Greyweathers Press
There is an unmistakable quality in a book printed with lead type and wood cuts on handmade paper. The press was founded in 2005 on a love of beautifully designed type arranged skillfully on a well-proportioned page. My original intent to print letterpress books has grown to include an interest in creating linocuts, woodcuts and wood engravings. I print by hand on a Vandercook letterpress proofing press. The traditional printer’s craft is elevated to art as the quality of the final work demands that the printer must also be designer, illustrator, engraver, technician and occasionally inventor.

Hulltramar is a zine about the history of the Vieux-Hull and its arts scene.

Jazzy Jazz
DJ Poutine Mexicaine The Zine is about community and parking meters and parks and neighbourhoods and pétanque and free swimming pools in Hull and Ottawa. And distortion and delay pedals.

Jackson Creek Press
Old school letterpress artisan who uses wood and lead type, blocks that i carve and my hands to make things. I'm also a fan of modern pop music.

Jill Snoddon
A zine made in the early 2000's, a zine made by two women living and breathing and dying to leave ptbo. A special re-issue of The Drifter as well as our three previously released zines will be for sale. Collage, poetry, musings and art combined with a healthy dose of self destruction is The Drifter. Top secret, don't give AF attitude is our mandate. Would love to ruin everyone's day with our typewriters and glue.

Kevin Buckle

Marlon Skyers
I have big hands, big feet and I’m black. I owe a lot of money in student loans after graduating from the University of Windsor with a B.A Honours in Commutation Studies and B.A in English Literature. Currently, I owe even more money because I later studied Marketing at Sir Sanford Fleming here in Peterborough, where I met my beautiful, smart and talent wife.

Pegi Eyers
Pegi Eyers has a fascination with the book form which has led to her explorations in the book arts with structure, binding, papermaking, texture and unusual materials. Combining her visual arts practice in painting, printmaking, mixed media and assemblage, her artist's books and handbound book editions have themes from nature, mythic symbols and other narratives. The handmade book is an object to be experienced and cherished! Pegi Eyers is also the author of “Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community,” a new book on the First Nations-Settler interface in the Americas published by Stone Circle Press.

Quentin Mitchell
Vide Press is an independent Risograph print and design studio located in downtown Toronto. We work with musicians, artists, writers, students, faculties, small businesses and publishers to create vibrant Risograph prints posters, zines, packaging, business cards, publications, and more. We specialize in short run, hands-on projects and are looking forward to showcasing some of the client work and in-house projects we've created. Our goal is to spread our knowledge and love of the Risograph printing process.

Ronnie Ritchie
Ronnie Ritchie is a comic artist, illustrator, and storyteller working out of Peterborough, Ontario. A BFA graduate from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, Ronnie works as a Contributing Comic Artist for the online magazine Everyday Feminism as well as creating their autobiographical webcomic, GQutie. Inspired by traditional tattoos, shoujo manga, and Victorian broadsides, Ronnie's work is cute and iconic with use of flat shapes and bright pastel color palettes. They use a combination of sparkling fantasy and heartbreaking honesty to create stories that embrace reality in a supernatural way.

Skylar Ough
Skylar Ough works within multiple areas of the visual arts (including drawing and painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking) and is a member of the DROOL art collective. She has acted, directed, and stage managed for The Theatre on King and others, and hopes to attend the Intermedia program at Concordia University next fall.

Sylvie Reddick

The Peterborough Poetry Collective
The Peterborough Poetry Collective hosts monthly poetry slam competitions, poetry workshops, open mics, feature performances and theatre productions. Our collective is made up of individuals who identify as queer, cis and gender non-binary. We are inter-racial, inter-religious, intergenerational, and ability nuanced. Our mandate is to attack forms of oppression and nurture anti-oppressive ideas and attitudes through poetry while pushing the boundaries of spoken word as an art form. We support the development of poetry and poets, especially youth and marginalized artists, in Peterborough. Members of our collective have gone on to have professional careers as poets featuring nationally and internationally.