Screening: Water Stories

Aug 6, 8:30PM at ARTSPACE
Free! Registration required.

image: River Queens, Jeremy Lurgio, New Zealand/USA, 2019, 15 min.

Seating is limited. Click here to register.

Artspace is excited to present ReFrame Film Festival’s Water Stories short films program on the big screen for FREE! The evening of August 6th, 2021 we will be safely gathering to watch 6 beautiful stories about connection: to water, to land, to history and how we honour those connections to take care of the earth and each other. Stay tuned for updates on time and location!

This free film screening is presented in partnership with ReFrame Film Festival, First Friday Ptbo, GreenUp and the Water Program.

About the Films:

Gichitwaa Nibi - Sacred Water (Water Teaching with Elder Dorothy Taylor)
Sacred Water Circle
Canada, 20201, 10 min.
Curve Lake Elder Dorothy Taylor is a Water Walker and founder of Nogojiwanong’s Sacred Water Circle. As an Elder and a water activist, Dorothy shares Sacred Water Teachings that call for action to bring balance to the world. This balance rests in the health and well being of Gichitwaa Nibi - Sacred Water.

River Queens
Jeremy Lurgio
New Zealand/USA, 2019, 15 min.
New Zealand national coach and paddler Howard Hyland, 76, returns to his roots to start a competitive waka ama club for youth on the Whanganui River – the first river in the world to be granted personhood. His team, the River Queens, compete in the national championships and learn about team work, passion, and a Maori world view from their coach.

Headwaters to Hearts: Education in Action
Karen O’Krafka
Canada, 2021, 7 min.
Headwaters to Hearts is a local story of education in action. Students and teachers came together to transform their relationship to water and protect the local watershed. The short film documents one of four student-led retrofits through GreenUP’s Wonders of Water program. Students and staff from St. Anne CES combine forces with GreenUP to protect Jackson Creek by transforming a flood-prone corner of their schoolyard.

Sing Them Home
Cara Mumford
Canada, 2020, 13 min.
Inspired by the song “she sang them home” by Michi Saagiig scholar and storyteller Dr. Leanne Simpson—about the first salmon returning to the territory one hundred years from now— this film follows dancer and scholar Jenn Cole and the filmmaker as they renew their relationships with the waterways of the song. A poetic and personal journey.

River Guards
Aaron Kalischer-Coggins
USA, 2019, 21 min.
For decades General Electric polluted the Housatonic River from its Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, factory.
The River Guards tells the intimate story of a dedicated community of grassroots activists fighting for 30 years against corporate negligence and government bureaucracy that has led to an enormous environmental and health crisis. There is no doubt a close connection with Peterborough, as seen in the film Town of Widows, which closed ReFrame 2020.

Olivia Mater
Canada, 2020, 16 min.
In fifty years, what will a grandmother tell her grandchildren about the pandemic? Weaving together poetic prose, imagery, and sound, Starborndelves into a story contoured by the wounding of colonialism and held by the reckoning of the human responsibility to the land and to one another. This personal, haunting, lyrically poetic film strikes a balance between grief and hope.