Artspace Rental Equipment can be used for the production of professional quality video and photography and the documentation of artworks for professional portfolios, grant applications, and exhibition proposals.

For a full list of the equipment available at Artspace, please click here.

For rental prices, click here: Price List 2019.xlsx


Bookings for the Artspace Media Lab workstation and equipment may be made by phone, email, or in person during operating hours. Drop-in use of the Media Lab workstation is permitted but not guaranteed if another patron has reserved in advance. If reserving the workstation or equipment by phone or email, please allow 24 hours for confirmation.

Media Lab Policies and Member Responsibilities:


Access to the Media Lab and equipment is only available to members who have demonstrated that they can adequately and safely operate the equipment.

Pick-ups and Returns:

An equipment sign-out sheet must be filled out upon rental of all equipment, and initialed when returned.

Upon return, members and an Artspace staff person must check the equipment list and kit inventory on the side of the equipment bag to ensure that all parts are present and in good working condition.

No pick-ups or drop offs can be made outside of operating hours. Under no circumstances may equipment be left outside of the centre; members must replace any missing equipment and rental privileges will be revoked.

Members are responsible for removing all data from memory cards following their shoot. Members are expected to save projects on personal hard drives.

Equipment Care:

When taking equipment off-site, members will ensure that it is kept in a secure location when not in use, and that it is not exposed to extreme or damaging conditions (e.g., leaving a camera unattended in cold weather).

Equipment must be restored to clean and orderly condition after each use (e.g., cables properly wrapped).

Members are responsible for any loss, theft, or damage due to neglect of equipment, and will be obliged to pay for any replacement or repairs. If an item is thought stolen, the member is responsible for filing a police report and notifying Artspace staff immediately.


Artspace reserves the right to remove members’ files from editing suite computers after three months.