John Climenhage

Nov 18 - Nov 28, 2020

Peterborough artist John Climenhage has been painting the outdoors for over 20 years. Most recently, he's turned his attention to the neighbourhoods and urban architecture of downtown Peterborough. Around brings together a selection of the artist's 2020 paintings, which are interested in the here and now. The works savour liminal space and play with the drama of light and cloud-filled skies. They are luminous, mundane, and delightful in their richness.


Attention is a task we share

Robin Love

Dec 2 - Dec 12, 2020

In her art practice, Peterborough native Robin Love explores how learning environments are structured to reinforce dominant ways of thinking and knowing. In Attention is a task we share, she confronts Euro-centric ways of knowing by prioritizing process over outcomes and fosters a space of improvisation and accident. The works - Short Talk on Process and Things Take the Time They Take - introduce multiple ways of being and reacting that mirror the potential for diversity in other systems of learning and knowing.


Dayna Danger, Nico Williams, Arielle Twist, Lacie Burning, Kablusiak, and RJ Jones

May 21 - Jul 16, 2021

Curated by gijiit (Adrienne Huard and Lindsay Nixon)

This exhibition explores the ways in which Two Spirit, trans, and Indigiqueer artists enact queer futures to think about ethics, consent, and relationships. By engaging with kink, we [gijiit] use it as a tool for seeking decolonial love and kinship. Participating artists include Dayna Danger, Nico Williams, Arielle Twist, Lacie Burning, Kablusiak, and RJ Jones.

The Hidden Anatomy Exhibition and Artist Residency

Jan 7 - Feb 19, 2022

Organized by Bennett Bedoukian

The Hidden Anatomy brings together the disassociated. The elements of work, practice, repetition, and experimentation that are done behind closed doors are brought to the forefront. It is an exposition of how and why choices are made and presented. This is not a negation of the past; this is a drawing out. An examination. Accepting our failures, and moving through them. This is a negation of mediocrity. An acceptance of learning. A willingness to listen.