Culture X: Bodies in Nature, Bodies Online

Jun 2 - Aug 31, 2021

The past year has been a mass experiment in digital contingency where we have sought to explore a world together from afar. In the Cultural Studies Department at Trent University, this has meant rethinking our pedagogical approaches to research-creation and to the discourse surrounding art, culture, and theory. The students in our studio courses found innovative and insightful ways to engage with artistic production quite literally from their bedrooms, becoming one of the strongest cohorts of emerging artists we’ve seen in years. Their body of work crosses disciplines, mediums, and theoretical approaches, questioning and problematizing digitality, the body, identity, movement, nature, and the ontology of art in an age of contagion. These artworks were created in a handful of courses encompassing the Cultural Studies integrated arts platform and submitted for the Gregory R. Frith Memorial Prize: CUST 2172H: Performance and Protest, CUST2186H: Photography, CUST3111H: Visual Arts Studio, CUST3142H: Experimental Music, and CUSTCUST4586H: Cinema in the Digital Age.


connections of gestures

Carrie Allison

Sep 10 - Oct 23, 2021

connections of gestures explores beaded animation in video, still life, and beaded works. Carrie Allison was inspired by beadwork held in museums across Turtle Island, how these pieces hold ancestors, tell stories and connect us through time and space. Through combining animation and beadwork the artist seeks to visually narrate the practice of beading and bring viewers closer to an understanding of beadwork’s animacy.

The Hidden Anatomy Exhibition and Artist Residency

Jan 7 - Feb 19, 2022

Organized by Bennett Bedoukian

The Hidden Anatomy brings together the disassociated. The elements of work, practice, repetition, and experimentation that are done behind closed doors are brought to the forefront. It is an exposition of how and why choices are made and presented. This is not a negation of the past; this is a drawing out. An examination. Accepting our failures, and moving through them. This is a negation of mediocrity. An acceptance of learning. A willingness to listen.


Dayna Danger, Arielle Twist, Lacie Burning, and Kablusiak

May 26 - Jul 15, 2023

Curated by gijiit (Adrienne Huard and Lindsay Nixon)

This exhibition explores the ways in which Two Spirit, trans, and Indigiqueer artists enact queer futures to think about ethics, consent, and relationships. By engaging with kink, we [gijiit] use it as a tool for seeking decolonial love and kinship. Participating artists include Dayna Danger, Arielle Twist, Lacie Burning, and Kablusiak.