Meet Our Programming Intern.

Logan Taylor

My name is Logan Taylor and I am huge fan of taking every opportunity to invest yourself in the arts. From a young age I was influenced by my grandfather, a practicing artist, to draw, craft and be creative. More recently, I have geared my interests in the direction of curation and the influence of gallery spaces, becoming more invested in how a space can transform pieces.

I am a fourth year student here at Trent University, in the concurrent education program with three teachables including History, English and Visual Arts. With my program I am getting a BA at the same time as doing teaching practicums to gain experience and further my love of learning. (I know super cliché). This year was the first year where a practicum component was not required and we were meant to sort of relax a bit, however, being the manic I am I decided that relaxing is for years from now and why not take on a thesis and internship while completing my courses. So that’s what brings me to Artspace.

As I said I am very interested in visual arts, both as a practicing artist and also as a curator. In my studio practice the medium I use most frequently is ink and acrylics. I enjoy heavy textures that make works feel as though you can feel what is painted. I also love to work with abstractions. Many of my pieces are not of objects or “things” but rather, of illusions. I am interested in how the mind makes sense of colour, line and shapes, which really drives my work to not look like anything at first glance, but in fact takes time to experience the full effect. I am also interested in allowing my work to question clichés, social norms and obstacles that people face. My most recent piece was a 16mm documentary film that was meant to challenge the ideals of beauty and make up by taking the extreme of Drag makeup and showcase that cosmetic make up is more or less a double edge sword. As a female in today’s society I am under the constant struggle of media and its influence on how I perceive my own personal beliefs and this is what really sparked this piece. I wanted to take the extreme beauty of Drag make up and show that it was not too much, but rather cosmetic beauty is something in which an individual should find themselves comfortable with and conform less to societal expectations.

As Artspace’s intern I will be learning the ropes of how a contemporary gallery and artist-run centre operates, from the starts of an exhibition, to speaking with artists and to this project, blog posts. I was drawn to Artspace because I was intrigued by the simplicity of the gallery, but more importantly the focus on local artists. I was influenced by the recent exhibition of Alex Bierk. This show peaked my interest because I was able to actually speak with the artist, and gain a perspective as to what his influences were, what he wanted to get out of the exhibit, and how he wanted to be perceived. In particular, this lead me to getting in contact with the center because I was interested in how the physical environment could have such an influence on an artist’s vision, and the challenges that a curator faces trying to balance not only the pieces but also the artist themselves. In addition, this show intrigued me not only because it was of a local artist coming home but more so because local students from TAS were included. I loved the idea of reaching out to the public especially students for the means of creating and generating new artists.

This will be an ongoing blog that will be my reflection of exhibitions, curatorial projects, and readings with a reflection of how they may relate to the greater Peterborough region. As my work exemplifies and as a future teacher I love encouraging the development of pieces and questioning their meanings and how they really influence myself and my surroundings. This blog is meant to look from an outside perspective, from someone who has very little experience in the business and develop an understanding that causes greater exploration, whether I agree or not.

These blogs should be running weekly or bi-weekly and hopefully I’ll be able to maintain enough attention! Thanks!