Artspace 50/50 2015

Gallery 1 / Gallery 2
Apr 17 - May 1

Calling Artists for the 2015 Artspace 50/50!

Spring is almost here, bringing with it Artspace’s annual 50/50 fundraising event. We plan on continuing to make this the most fun gala event of the year – and we need your help again! Here are the details.

Reading the Filmstrip: Basic Techniques for Identifying and Preserving Film / Kelly Egan

Mar 07, 1:00pm - 5:00pm

In this workshop participants will learn how to “read” the filmstrip: how to tell the kind of film, the year the print was made, the generation of the print, and the condition of the print through an exploration of what the info on the filmstrip (the signs, symbols and structure) means. You will learn DYI preservation methods that help longevity of your film—longer than any digital transfer.

Presented in partnership with The Gallery In The Attic.

Narcissus Redeemed: Performance for the Internet Artist / Johnny Forever and Gambletron

Mar 14, 1:00pm - 5:00pm

This participatory workshop, featuring Johnny Forever and Gambletron, spans two galleries in two cities (Artspace in Peterborough and Eastern Bloc in Montreal) across the Internet. With a strong focus on queer and trans performance cultures and structures, the workshop will examine ways performance identities are performed and perceived online and IRL.

Presented in partnership with Eastern Bloc Gallery (7240 Clark, 2nd floor, Montreal).