Artspace 50/50 2015 Gala

May 01, 8:00pm - 12am

Spring is almost here, bringing with it Artspace’s annual 50/50 Fundraiser.


Victoria Wallace, Lyall Brownlee, Jeff Macklin, Annie Jaeger, Michael Poulton, Laura Madera, Victoria Ward, Jane LowBeer, Peer Christensen, Kay Gregg, Amber Helene Müller St. Thomas, Joe Stable, Shannon Taylor, Marlon Skyers, Charlotte Dicarlo, Rob Niezen, Marbie, Angela Hennessey, John Marris, Alex Bierk, Rebecca Padgett, Andrew MacDonald, katarina onyx fortin, Patrick Moore, Andrew Bigg, Andrew Ihamaki, Erinn Brush, David Parson, Jean James, John Climenhage, Arelene Dalton, Michael Nathaniel Green, Ann Jaeger, Linda Devine, Barbara McGee, Mary Davies, Brad Copping, Sarah Gibeault, Emilie O'Brien, Mike Pszczonak, VSVSVS collective, James Gardner, Laura Horne-Gaul, Ella Dawn McGeough, Rachel Crummey + MORE


Gallery 1
May 8 - Jul 48:00pm - 12am

Sisters is a new body of photographic work by Metis/Ojibway/Polish artist Dayna Danger.

With Outthrust Arm

Gallery 2
May 8 - Jul 48:00pm - 12am

Anna Hawkins’ With Outthrust Arm is a vehicle for the deconstruction of an accepted version of Western art history, and the ways in which the familiar images from within the canon are circulated and disseminated to the broader public.