Attention is a task we share

Gallery 1 / Gallery 2
Feb 19 - Mar 27

“Isn’t it funny how sense has no schedule.” – Robin Love, Attention is a task we share: Thesis Presentation (2019)

Attention is a task we share consists of three video works by Nogojiwanong / Peterborough based artist Robin Love, all created during her BFA at OCAD University. In these works, Love carves out space for moments of not knowing. Her performances resist the audience’s desire for a satisfying instant of completion and bring to light how process, with all of its pauses, failures, improvisations, and revelations, can yield delightful and insightful moments of discovery.

Artists Breathing

Mar 19,

In connection with the exhibition, Attention is a task we share, Robin Love is bringing together three artists from different disciplines to create an offering on breath and conscious breathing. Together with poet Brandon Wint, singer-songwriter Kyla Charter, and dance artist Nyda Kwasowsky, Love has created an online series based in a curiosity of how training with breath is central to many practices, and how coming into contact with artists from different backgrounds might offer playful ways to develop an intimacy with breath in everyday life.

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