Terra dos Chinês Curio Shop

Gallery 1
Jul 9 - Aug 22

Karen Tam’s Terra dos Chinês Curio Shop is an a body of work that challenges the corporeal relationship of place, its history, and associated community. Specifically, Tam challenges Westerners to unpack their relationship with Chinese kitch, the roots of which are stepped in Orientalist imagery.

Please Do The Needful

Gallery 2
Jul 9 - Aug 22

Compriosed of a selection of appropriated and anonymized text from support tickets, each of the poster-sized reproductions is headed with the word “Problem”, and then attempts to provide a “Solution”.

Kirsten McCrea Chosen for Inaugural Hunter Street Bridge Mural

Following a national call for proposals and a juried review process, Artspace and the City of Peterborough are pleased to announce that Kirsten McCrea has been chosen to complete the first mural for the Hunter Street Bridge Mural Project in Peterborough, Ontario.