Artist Talk with William Robinson

Jul 29, 1 pm at ARTSPACE

On Saturday, July 29th at 1pm please join William Robinson for an artist talk. This event is free to attend and all are welcome.

Pickard Quarry Transpose explores the Mount Allison University Chapel’s design, material, and industrial history and components through musical composition, documented musical performance and art objects.

The exhibition’s musical compositions were created using a translational drawing process of overlaying a sourced archival topographical architectural plan of the Mount Allison University Chapel and a topographical survey map of the Pickard Quarry site and tracing the points of their intersection. This method of mark-making produced compositional constellations.

Musical collaborator Nicholas Veltmeyer used these constellations as visual templates to compose musical scores for pipe organ. The scores were performed by Veltmeyer on the pipe organ at the Mount Allison University Chapel. The performance recordings are presented as the exhibition’s video/audio component.

Pickard Quarry Transpose strives to sonically distill and release the intangible narratives and immaterial codes hidden within the material comprising the Mount Allison University Chapel’s architectural and industrial history in connection with the geographical and cultural landscape of it’s material place of origin.


William Robinson lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His practice includes a variety of media such as site-specific installation, performance, musical composition, sculpture and printed matter. Robinson’s on going research explores how sound and music can explicate social and historical narratives resting dormant with in particular sites, built environments and cultural ephemera. Robinson is a recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts Audio Research Grant (2016) and was short-listed for the 2016 Sobey Art Award.